[ 09.20.2011 ]

It’s been so long now
since I’ve held your wind
in my lungs,
since I’ve felt your landscapes
beneath me.

The regretfully distant paths
that my intergalactic space travels
have carried me from you,
the creeping pang of light-years.

I will always covet you,
my beginning, my home.

But your lush forests
and plentiful fruits
flinch at my foreign touch.
Your rivers and oceans are polluted
by my unfamiliar lips
as I taste your twisting currents.

amongst strange planets and stars,
I know you will never allow me to revisit
my beginning, my home.


[ 09.08.2011 ]

Hello, Earth,
my cerulean lover.

Have I been missed?
Have you been kissed
since I left?

Do the stars yet light your path
through this spirited galaxy?
Is the sun always there
to brighten your face,
to put colour to your complexion?

Do your waters still rise
with the course of the moon?
Have your mountaintops remained
as shrines to your design?

Will you await my return
to your verdant green hills
and deep oceans?

I will be the comet
who craters your chest
and dives to your core,
where I will find peace,
home at last.